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Cyberbike Mullet Pro Review – Premium Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

The Cyberbike Mullet Pro is a premium full suspension electric mountain bike at a budget-friendly price. Just like the mullet haircut, the Cyberbike Mullet Pro is business in the front and a party in the back.

The 29-inch front tire rolls over large obstacles with ease helping with stability, while the 27.5-inch rear tire allows the bike to be more nimble. The smaller tire in the rear means you can have a shorter chainstay and you get more wheel clearance.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Cyberbike Mullet Pro.

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What I love about the Cyberbike

  • Rides like a normal mountain bike
  • Mid Drive Motor
  • Great suspension
  • Hydraulic Dropper Post
  • Budget price
  • Maxxis Forekaster tires
  • Four piston brakes with 203mm and 180mm brake discs.
  • Quick release front tire
  • Beautiful color display
  • Optional throttle
  • Wide 720mm handlebars
  • Great paint job
  • 29 inch front tire rolls over large features
  • 27.5 rear tire helps for control when riding downhill
  • Improved linkage

How does the Cyberbike Mullet Pro compare to other eMountain bikes?

The Cyberbike Mullet Pro rides almost identical to my Trek Rail 7  which is twice the cost. I am beyond impressed with the performance of the Cyberbike Mullet Pro. The Wolf suspension feels like Fox suspension and the 4 piston brakes provide excellent stopping power.

The Cyberbike Mullet Pro weighs the same as the Trek Rail 7 at 52 lbs, and the batteries are pretty much the same size, just 1 watt hour difference. (624wh vs 625 wh)

After riding both bikes, I would have bought the Cyberbike Mullet Pro over the Trek Rail 7 due to the big cost savings, and I would have upgraded to slightly wider tires.

How does the Cyberbike Mullet Pro ride without pedal assist modes on?

The true test for an ebike is riding it without pedal assist on. A lot of times, ebikes can feel so unnatural to ride when pedal assist is turned off.

With the Cyberbike Mullet Pro, you can comfortably ride the bike without pedal assist on. The bike feels like riding a normal mountain bike, just heavier.

I like to ride the bike without pedal assist on and only use the throttle when I am getting started or climbing steep hills.

By riding it this way, I get the best of both worlds. I don’t over exert myself going uphills thus saving my energy for the downhill portions.

What type of motor is on the Cyberbike Mullet Pro?

The Cyberbike Mullet Pro features a powerful 500-watt mid-drive motor with a torque sensor.

Torque sensors with mid-drive motors are ultra-smooth and the only way to go when buying an eMountain bike.

Torque sensors can feel the pressure you put into your pedals and there is zero delay in the motor response. Mid-drive motors give the rider a feeling of super-human powers.

Hub motors and cadence sensors are cheaper. However, hub motors and cadence sensors are delayed and can be dangerous when you’re on a technical mountain biking trail.

The delayed response of cadence sensors is hard to get started going up steep hills, and even after you stop pedaling the motors will keep pushing you an additional 5-10 feet. When buying an electric mountain bike, a mid-drive motor is a must.

Click here for the current pricing on the Cyberbike Mullet Pro.
Click here to see the other full suspension eMountain bikes that Cyberbike offers.

What I hate about the Cyberbike

  • Heavy compared to traditional full suspension mountain bike
  • No shift sensor
  • Battery not built into frame
  • Would like the throttle to work in pedal assist modes

What are the drawbacks on the Cyberbike Mullet Pro?

There is not much to hate about the Cyberbike Mullet Pro. The bike is heavier compared to regular full suspension mountain bikes, but it’s similar in weight compared to other eMountain bikes.

The Cyberbike Mullet Pro doesn’t have a shift sensor, but the chain is designed so well that I have never heard teeth grinding on the cassette.

I could always add a shift sensor for $30 if I found it to be an issue.

I do wish the battery was built into the frame like the Trek Rail 7, but ill take a $3000 savings over having the battery built into the frame.

I would like to use the throttle in PAS 1-5, but I’m just happy to have a throttle-only option because the majority of eMountain bikes do not offer a throttle at all.

Overall, the pros heavily outweigh the cons of the Cyberbike Mullet Pro.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking at getting into eMountain biking and the high cost has kept you away, the Cyberbike options allow you to get into the sport relatively cheaply.

If you want to get into mountain biking but don’t want to hold up your experienced friends on the climbs, an eMountain bike is a great solution to help you keep up with your friends.

If you live near mountain biking trails but your age has caught up to you, an eMountain bike will revitalize you to get out and explore nature.

Mountain biking is one of my favorite sports because it offers excellent cardio, and gets you out in nature away from people. I still get an amazing workout when using an eMoutain bike and I can enjoy my rides for longer.

Andrew N

June 7th 2022

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