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Coming soon: More sizes!

You've asked for it and you'll get it, more sizing options are coming soon to Cyberbike's line-up.

The Frisco and Mullet are currently only available in one size each, with the Frisco a "Medium/Large" and the Mullet "Large/XL" with respect to step-over height.

You can customize your Cyberbike with easy and free or inexpensive changes to handlebars, stem, and steering tube height.  While the Frisco comes with moderate-width bars and a shorter stem for a closer reach, the Mullet comes with an adjustable stem and wider bars which can be used wide for more leverage or easily shortened for a more compact cockpit. 

All bikes ship with spacers installed on the steering tube for a moderate/high handlebar height, which can be raised further with simple expenders, or lowered for a more aggressive riding position. 

In Summary, while Cyberbike are shipped in a certain middle/tall bar set up, you can easily and inexpensively customize your Cyberbike for the perfect fit.

Please see the respective specifications on each product page for further measurement details.