New for 2022: More sizes!

You've asked for it and you've got it- more sizing options are here. (Remaining 2021 models are Frisco: Medium/Large and Mullet: Large)

Size ranges

  • Cyberbike Coco: Small/Medium with a 26" Standover
  • Cyberbike Bandit: Medium with a 28" Standover
  • Mullet Evo: Large with a 27.5" Standover
  • Mullet Pro: XL with a 28.5" Standover

  You can customize your Cyberbike with easy and free or inexpensive changes to handlebars, stem, and steering tube height. 

  All bikes ship with spacers installed on the steering tube for a moderate/high handlebar height, which can be raised further with simple expenders, or lowered for a more aggressive riding position. 

 Because Cyberbikes all come with handlebars and steering stem that can be easily lowered by your local bike shop. In fact, all Cyberbike models are mid-drive eBilkes, so outside of the electronics, these are standard premium bicycle parts which are easily maintained with normal attention to hardware, tires pressure, and general bicycle skills.

In Summary, while Cyberbike are shipped in a certain middle/tall bar set up, you can easily and inexpensively customize your Cyberbike for the perfect fit.

Please see the respective specifications on each product page for further measurement details.