Cyberbike/Tektro brake System,  front or rear

Cyberbike/Tektro brake System, front or rear

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Replacement Brake System for Cyberbike/Tektro with 2 Piston Configuration

Important: The 2021 Cyberbike model was designed with the British/US motorcycle-style arrangement, featuring the front brake on the right. This model has been discontinued. The current replacement product conforms to the US bicycle standard, placing the front brake on the left. Cable switching is feasible, but it is recommended to be performed by professionals who are experienced in assembling hydraulic brake systems at the component level.


  1.  Either front or rear sealed brake systems, specify when ordering
    1. lever with integrated bar clamps
    2. master cylinder
    3. hardware
    4. hoses, with fluid, sealed
    5. 2 piston brake caliper with differential bore pistons
    6. properly sized adapter brackets
  2. Instructions 
  3. Ready to install.

Please note that work on brake systems should be done by a qualified bike mechanic who has experience with brake systems. We recommend doing some research to find a reputable bike shop that can provide this service. 

Front or Rear
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